The Impact We Have
NY Common Pantry Program Goals & Outcomes:

Nutrition Initiative for Children and Families (NICF)
FY15 Goal a):  Live Healthy! will continue to expand nutrition education services to sites in the South Bronx and upper Manhattan; and implement a new curriculum that includes healthy eating, active living, and promotes positive self-image and healthy living decision-making.

FY15 Goal b):  100% of participants will engage in greater amounts of physical activity through the active living segment of the curriculum.

Goal a)  Goal met, with all activities completed.

Goal b)  Goal met.  100% of the participants engaged in greater amounts of physical activities through the active living segments that were incorporated into each classroom session. The Live Healthy! program incorporated movement activities that each child could complete in a classroom or at home, including cardiovascular activities, weight bearing activities using their own body weight, balancing exercises, yoga, stretching and deep breathing exercises.

Choice Pantry
FY15 Goal a):  Provide 9,500 households with food, for 2,850,000 total meals.

FY15 Goal b):  Increase the total number of senior Pantry visitors by 10%.

Goal a)  Part 1 of goal met:  Provided 9,546 households with food. Part 2 of goal 99% met: Provided 2,843,597 meals.

Goal b)  Goal exceeded:  The total number of senior Pantry visitors increased by 12%.

Help 365 Case Management
FY15 Goal a):  Screen at least 2,000 households per year for benefits.

FY15 Goal b):  Ensure at least 270 households receive multiple cash or non-cash benefits.

FY15 Goal c):  Secure at least $3 million worth of cash and non-cash benefits for participants.

Goal a)  Goal exceeded:  Screened 6,985 households for cash/non-cash benefits.

Goal b)  Met 97.4% of goal:  263 households received multiple cash or non-cash benefits and/or services.

Goal c)  Goal exceeded:  Secured $5,952,394 with cash and non-cash benefits for participants.

Hot Meal Program
FY15 Goal a):  Provide 85,000 meals through the Hot Meal program.

Goal:  91% of goal met:  Provided 77,900 meals through Hot Meal program.


FY15 Goal a):  Increase individual giving by 10%.

FY15 Goal b):  Grow corporate funding by at least 5%.

FY15 Goal c):  Engage over 40,000 volunteer hours of service at NYCP in the coming project year.

FY15 Goal d):  Continue to increase food rescue operations, facilitated by purchase of second van, by adding at least 15 new partners including 8 which provide weekly pickups.

FY15 Goal e):  Continue to expand services and/or mentoring to the poorest communities of NYC (especially the Bronx, upper Manhattan and areas impacted by Superstorm Sandy) by developing and maintaining relationships with at least 3 organizations in these communities.

Goal a)  Goal unmet:  Individual donors gave $704,190 in FY15.  This represents a 1% increase.

Goal b)  Goal exceeded:  Corporate giving was $431,689 in FY15.  This represents a 39% increase.

Goal c)  Goal exceeded:  NYCP engaged 46,769 hours of volunteer service.

Goal d)  Goal exceeded:  Successfully increased food rescue operations, facilitated by purchase of second van, by adding at least 68 new partners including 10 which provide weekly pickups.

Goal e)  Goal met:  Our Live Healthy! Eat Smart program continued to expand into the Bronx and upper Manhattan.  We also continued our partnerships with the Action Center for Education and Community Development in Far Rockaway, Queens and in Brooklyn through The Lighthouse and Amethyst Women's Project in Coney Island.