The Impact We Have
NY Common Pantry Program Goals & Outcomes:

Nutrition Initiative for Children and Families (NICF)

FY13 Goal:  90% of the 375 children participating in the program will successfully complete the nutrition course by attending at least 10 of the 12 sessions.

Outcome:  92% of the 372 children participating in the program successfully completed the course by attending at least 10 of the 12 sessions.

New Goal for FY14 a):  Live Healthy! will conduct 26 12-session children's nutrition courses, both at NYCP and at community-based organizations in East Harlem, Harlem and the South Bronx.  These courses will serve 650 children ages 5 to 12, as well as parents who wish to participate.

New Goal for FY14 b):  Work with new partner Kickin’ Kitchen to encourage healthy eating and exercise among middle schoolers and teens.

Choice Pantry
FY13 Goal a):  Provide 8,000 unique households with food.

FY13 Goal b):  Provide increased access to recipes for food, cooking tips, and nutrition information for specific food items distributed in Choice Pantry.

Outcome: a)  Goal exceeded. 8,499 unique households were provided with food for 2,382,726 meals.

Outcome: b)  Goal met. Improved recipe distribution by including recipes in pantry bags and handing out samples of healthy recipes

New Goal for FY14 a):  Provide 8,500 households with food.

New Goal for FY14 b):  Provide increased access to recipes for food, cooking tips, and nutrition information for specific food items distributed in Choice Pantry.

Help 365 Case Management
FY13 Goal a):  Secure at least $3 million in new benefits for participants.

FY13 Goal b):  Refer at least 300 eligible filers to appropriate free tax preparation.

FY13 Goal c):  Ensure at least 270 households receive multiple cash benefits.

Outcome: a)  Goal met. $3,151,453 in cash and non-cash benefits were secured for participants.

Outcome: b)  Goal met. 405 eligible filers filed their taxes through the on-site provider.

Outcome: c)  Goal not met: 174 households received multiple cash or non-cash benefits.

New Goal for FY14 a):  Screen at least 2,000 households per year for benefits

New Goal for FY14 b):  Demonstrate that at least 900 new households per year receive cash or non-cash benefits (not including benefits received from legal, financial, or tax preparation services).

New Goal for FY14 c):  Ensure that 220 households receive legal counseling services from the on-site provider.

Hot Meal Program
FY13 Goal:  Provide at least 85,000 meals through Hot Meal Program.

Outcome:  Goal exceeded: 99,328 meals provided through the Hot Meal Program.

New Goal for FY14:  Provide at least 85,000 meals through Hot Meal Program.


FY13 Goal a):  Increase volunteers to organization to help increase relationships and bring down cost per meal.

Outcome:  Goal exceeded. FY13 ended with 14, 582 volunteers working 39,690 hours.   That was an increase of 23% more volunteers than the year before.  All told, volunteers performed 45% of the total labor hours of the organization.  The additional volunteers meant the average shift was reduced to 2 hours and forty three minutes, down 53 minutes from the year previous despite serving more people and meals than any year in our history.  Pantry meal was lowered to .84 a meal.

New Goal for FY14:  Maintain current level of volunteer engagement and keep cost per meal to under $1.00

FY13 Goal b):  Continue to highlight impact of programs and use tools like the impact and effectiveness grid to present key goals and outcomes.

Outcome:  For the second consecutive year we distributed a detailed "Agency and Impact" report on goals and outcomes in September.  Despite setting high thresholds for goals across programs, operations and structural areas, over 90% of the goals were met.

New Goal for FY14:  Continue to track all program, operations, organizational and fundraising goals.

New Goal for FY14:  Develop new impact measure to assess success of Choice Pantry and Help 365 in creating self-sufficiency for those we serve.

Updated based on the first 6 months of the fiscal year:  Creation of the impact measurement tool in collaboration with our database developer is almost complete, and we expect to use it to present reports in the spring of 2014.