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SOUP-er Bowl 2015
Wednesday , January 7, 2015, 1:54 AM
SOUP-er Bowl 2015 is about to commence! We are looking forward to working with all of this year's "teams" to collect warm and hearty food items for our families during these cold winter months. Periodic scores will be posted on this blog and our social media sites, and the ultimate winner will be announced at the end of February.

May the best team win!
Articles Informing Our Work
Tuesday , August 26, 2014, 11:34 AM
The changing political climate, especially the November 2013 SNAP cuts, have affected the number of people who use our services. We recognize that reducing hunger extends broadly into other areas of living, such as housing, health, obesity, and others. The following articles have been informing our work. Please read through some of them and let us know your thoughts.

"Barely Treading Water at $9.49 an Hour":

Robin Hood Foundation's "Poverty Tracker Report 1":

"Obesity is Found to Gain Its Hold in Earliest Years":

"Project to Improve Poor Children's Intellect Led to Better Health, Data Show":

"Low-Wage Workers are Finding Poverty Harder to Escape":

"Study: More NYers can't afford housing in NYC":

"Faulty Websites Confront Needy in Search of Aid":

"Study Ties Diabetic Crisis to Dip in Food Budgets":

"Nearly Half of New Yorkers Struggling to Get By, Study Finds":

Friday , February 21, 2014, 1:31 AM
AND THAT'S THE GAME! New York Common Pantry's SOUP-er Bowl has come to an end. A HUGE thank you to all of the participating schools and organizations that collected cans of soup and boxes of pasta for our pantry families. As a result of your hard work and generosity, this year's SOUP-er Bowl set a new record! We are happy to announce that this year, over 20,000 items were collected through this drive...that is a 92% increase from the number of items collected last year!

A special congratulations goes out to this year's SOUP-er Bowl champion: The Buckley School!!! Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Buckley community, the school collected a record-breaking 12,600 items! The pantry is overflowing with cans of soup and boxes of pasta thanks to this unprecedented score. Fantastic job, Buckley!

With a very impressive collection of 3,098 items, our second place winner is Horace Mann! St. Bernard's is our third place winner with a collection of 1,611 items--incredible!

Special thanks to Trevor Day School for their collection of 805 items, Convent of the Sacred Heart for donating 671 healthy and hearty items, and Spence for collecting 404 items for our families. Additional thanks to Congregation Or Zarua, Riverdale Country School, Bard High School Early College, PS527--East Side School for Social Action, Temple Emanu-El Nursery School, St. Joseph's and St. Thomas More for participating in the 2014 SOUP-er Bowl! You all helped to make this year's SOUP-er Bowl the best one yet!

For more information about the SOUP-er Bowl, or if you would like to participate in additional food drives throughout the year, please contact Jen Winter at 917-720-9710 or
Current Leader!
Tuesday , February 11, 2014, 12:29 PM
Horace Mann scored a touchdown and is on the board with a score of 3,098! They collected so many cans, that they were able to build the castle and staircase pictured on the left. Thank you, Horace Mann, for being so creative and generous, and for making sure that all New Yorkers have access to warm meals this winter.
Another Great Score!
Monday , February 10, 2014, 11:25 AM
Another SOUP-er Bowl team just scored a touchdown! Congratulations to the Spence School for their fantastic score of 404! The middle and upper divisions worked together to achieve this great collection. We love the teamwork and we love Spence!
Thursday , February 6, 2014, 1:47 AM
We've hit the 3,000 mark in our SOUP-er Bowl drive. Thank you to all of our "teams" for making this possible. Still lots more to collect...stay tuned for updates and final scores!
SOUP-er Bowl Continues!
Tuesday , February 4, 2014, 8:22 AM
While Seattle continues to celebrate their victory, NYCP continues to root for all of our participating SOUP-er Bowl teams! We're off to a great start, but there's still more time to collect! Let's all think creatively to come up with ways to provide warms meals to families in need during these cold winter months. Check out how creative Horace Mann got last year by building a chair made of soup! All of this soup eventually made it into the homes and stomachs of low-income families. Keep up the great work, Horace Mann, and good luck to all the teams!
Another Touchdown Scored!
Friday , January 31, 2014, 1:06 AM
Congratulations to our Rookie team: PS527- East Side School for Social Action for their fantastic score of 296 in this year's SOUP-er Bowl! The school gets some extra points for creativity...check out the graph all the students made to keep track of their collection. Fun, creativity, friendly competition, and providing warm meals to families in need....that's what this drive is all about! Congratulations PS527 and good luck to all of our participating teams!
SOUP-er Bowl has begun!
Thursday , January 30, 2014, 9:53 AM
We are excited to announce that the coin has been tossed and the first play has been called...the 2014 SOUP-er Bowl has begun! We've got 10 teams on the field: Spence, Buckley, Horace Mann, Trevor, Riverdale, Bard High School Early College, St. Bernard's, Convent of the Sacred Heart, East Side School for Social Action and Congregation Or Zarua. Currently. St. Bernard's has a significant lead, with a score of 1,611! This will be hard to beat but we know some other great teams have their "game faces" on. Stay tuned for more results and...HAPPY SOUP-er BOWL!
Live Healthy! and National School Lunch Week
Thursday , October 17, 2013, 11:42 AM
National School Lunch Week, (October 14-18, 2013) highlights the need for increased access to wholesome and nutritious food for our children. Through our Live Healthy! program, New York Common Pantry promotes healthful nutrition and an active lifestyle for children. Live Healthy! offers nutrition education, cooking demonstrations, and lifestyle classes to school-aged children in Harlem and the Bronx.

Live Healthy! is committed to promoting the basic platform of the National School Lunch Week, which includes increased consumption of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and reduced consumption of saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium. In the spirit of promoting a healthier lifestyle for our children, we are enthusiastic about partnering with National School Lunch Week and other campaigns that are committed to our children's well-being.

This year's National School Lunch Week focuses on the theme of "School Lunch Across the USA."

Beyond promoting healthy school lunches, this year's theme highlights the importance of embracing diversity in culture, ingredients, and flavors. The Healthy School Lunch campaign resonates with the philosophy of our Live Healthy! program.

Serving the community in Harlem and the Bronx, Live Healthy! educates children of diverse cultural backgrounds.

In our nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations, we embrace the diversity of our students by incorporating recipes that are culturally appropriate and exploring various flavors and textures.

By embracing different cultural traditions, we hope children will be excited about living healthy and inspired to enjoy foods that are culturally appropriate, delicious, innovative and healthy.

Every meal or snack our children eat has a lasting impact on their growth, well-being, and overall health.

We urge you to support campaigns and programs like National School Lunch Week and Live Healthy!, which are committed to ensuring that every meal our children eat is filled with healthful and delicious food.