Volunteer at the Common Pantry

Without the dedication and tireless enthusiasm of our volunteers, New York Common Pantry could not provide its services. Volunteers are an integral part of our organization, and their contributions are invaluable and much appreciated.

We have many opportunities in our pantry and hot meal programs for volunteers (groups or individuals) 14 years old or older.   Below is our schedule which includes the total number of volunteers we need for each program.  If you want to bring a smaller group than the requested number, we will recruit additional individuals/ groups to join you.

The best way to coordinate an event is reading through the schedule, contacting our Development Associate for Volunteer Services, Jen Winter a preferred activity and a range of dates/ number of people interested.  From there, she will let you know which dates are available on the Common Pantry’s end and also answer any questions you may have.   While individuals must submit a Volunteer Application From (scroll down), groups do not.

Thanks for wanting to make a difference in NYC!  If you’d like to learn more about us, feel free to schedule a time to visit and tour our program or invite a Common Pantry staff member to present to your group off-site.

Pantry schedule:  In the pantry, we pack and distribute nutritious and free groceries to low-income families.

Tuesday:  Volunteers help with delivery intake and pre-pack produce from 9-1 (up to 15 volunteers)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:  Volunteers help pack and distribute groceries on-site from 9-2:30 OR volunteers come in smaller shifts of 9-noon OR 11:30-2:30 (up to 20 volunteers)

Hot meal:  In the hot meal program, we prepare and serve breakfasts and dinners to individuals in need of prepared meals.

We have dinners Mondays, Weds and Fridays from 4-6:30 (up to 10 volunteers)

We have breakfasts Mondays-Fridays from 7:45-9:00 (up to 4 volunteers)

Administrative:  Volunteers may help with clerical tasks such as mailings, data entry and filing on weekdays.

We are in the process of developing more opportunities for younger volunteers.  Small groups of younger volunteers (so far we’ve worked with Kindergarten and up) may come and hear introductions to the Common Pantry and/or pack produce for our pantry program.  We generally have groups of up to 15 come for 30-35 minutes.  Mondays and Tuesdays are best for these activities.

We also have groups make sandwiches on or off-site for our Brown Bag program.  Typically, volunteers provide the materials in addition to making the sandwiches.  Sandwiches can be any kind. Groups of any age can make sandwiches (200 max, all individually sealed) which we will distribute on nights when we don’t serve hot dinners.  If groups make these off-site, they can either drop them off Monday-Saturday from 9-8:00 or Sundays from 4-8:00 or they can schedule a time to drop them off when our Development Associate for Volunteer Services, Jen Winter, is available to include a tour as well.

We also encourage companies, organizations, classrooms and/ or families to host or participate in our monthly food drives or to collect more generally while keeping in mind our nutrition initiatives.

If you are an individual interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form and submit it by mail, email or fax to:

Jen Winter
New York Common Pantry
8 East 109th Street
New York, New York 10029
Phone: (917) 720-9710
Fax: (917) 720-9670
Email: jwinter@nycommonpantry.org

Please follow up after the submission of your application.

If you are interested in scheduling a volunteer event for your group, please contact Jen directly:

Phone: (917) 720-9710
Email: jwinter@nycommonpantry.org

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