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Michelle Vierra

After working at a hospital for seventeen years, Michelle Vierra visited to the Pantry due to an illness that rendered her unable to work.   Feeling dejected that she was now in need of assistance to provide food for her family; Michelle did not look forward to coming to the Pantry.

However, after she was greeted and helped by NYCP's staff, her mood changed.  According to Michelle, being able to choose her own food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, made her feel like her opinion mattered when she visited the Pantry.

Michelle recently shared her story as part of the Community Parade at our Fill the Bag Benefit.  She mentioned that when she visited the friendly staff and volunteers greeted her with a smile, which always raised her spirits.  According to Michelle, "NYCP made it possible for me to provide healthy food for me and my daughter, so I could focus on making sure my daughter got into college."