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SOUP-er Bowl 2015 Results!

The final pass has been made, the final point has been scored ... New York Common Pantry's 2015 SOUP-er Bowl has come to an end.   Tremendous thanks to all of the schools and organizations that participated in this year's collection.  We are so grateful to be providing food items that keep our Pantry Members' stomachs full and their bodies warm, especially during this very cold winter.

We are excited to announce that, this year's SOUP-er Bowl resulted in the collection of 19,678 items.  A special congratulations goes out to this year's SOUP-er Bowl champion.  It's a THREE-PEAT: The Buckley School wins again!!!  Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Buckley community, the school collected 10,000 items!  The pantry is overflowing with cans and soup and boxes of pasta thanks to this incredible score.  Fantastic job, Buckley!

With a very impressive collection of 3,087 items, our second place winner is St. Bernard's!  Our rookie team, Hewitt, is our third place winner with a collection of 2,896 items—incredible!

Additional thanks to all of our collecting teams:  Spence, Horace Mann, Trevor, East Side Middle School, Temple Emanu-El Nursery School, East Side School for Social Action and Children's Aid Society for participating in the 2015 SOUP-er Bowl!

For more information about the SOUP-er Bowl, or if you would like to participate in additional food drives throughout the year, please contact Jen Winter at 917-720-9710 or

$5,341,950 Grant Received for Eat Smart New York Education
Through Our Live Healthy! Program

New York Common Pantry (NYCP) has been awarded a grant of $1,048,390 per year for 5 years from the New York Office of Temporary Disability Assistance to institute an Eat Smart New York (ESNY) nutrition education program in parts of Upper Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens.   The program is expected to reach as many as 4,800 participants each month through over 20 community partner agencies.

The ESNY program will enhance and expand NYCP's nutrition education efforts, including its Live Healthy! program, which presents a holistic curriculum including active living, social supports and self-esteem elements to educate adults and children, about healthy eating and nutrition, active living and resiliency skills to improve their overall quality of life.  It will provide a greater impact in the fight against obesity and other nutrition-related issues faced by SNAP-eligible residents in the city.

ESNY is a federally funded program that promotes the acquisition of life-long healthy habits in order to prevent nutrition-related health problems by providing free nutrition and anti-obesity workshops.

Save the Date
Save the Date

New York Common Pantry featured on The Rachael Ray Show

Check out New York Common Pantry featured on Rachael Ray with Josh Duhamel and Joshua's Heart Foundation in partnership with Unilever Project Sunlight.

It’s Food Drive Season at NYCP ...
can you help us deliver with FreshDirect?
NY Common Pantry & Fresh Direct

As we begin our food drive season once again, we are thrilled that our continued partnership with FreshDirect makes it easy to provide healthy food items to our Choice Pantry members.  Last year, we distributed thousands of pounds of healthy food to so many New Yorkers in need through our Choice Pantry Program, Hot Meal Program, and Live Healthy! cooking classes.

Gift cards for NY Common Pantry can be purchased directly on FreshDirect's website by clicking here.  FreshDirect will provide a 10% discount on all of our orders, which allows our Food Programs Manager to select a greater amount of healthy food items to distribute.

Whether you choose to donate food, FreshDirect gift cards, via our website, or your time, you will be contributing to our mission of reducing hunger while providing dignity and self-sufficiency for all New Yorkers.  We are so thankful for your support and hope to work with you soon.