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Non-Profit Excelence Awards
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NYCP Staffer Noby Rivera named New Yorker of the Week
Noby Rivera was nominated by Choice Pantry member Michelle Vierra for the cheerful spirit with which she helps our guests.  Check out the video below:

Noby Rivera - NY'er of the Week

Fatou's Story

Fatou came to the United States from Senegal looking for a better life.  In Senegal, she worked in hospitals and home health care and was able to find work in New York as a home health attendant.  She also ran a beauty shop in East Harlem.  Now Fatou and her husband take care of their extended family, which includes five children and two grandchildren.  Fatou credits New York Common Pantry with helping her keep everyone in her family eating healthy foods!

New York Common Pantry receives grant from AIG

NYCP's partners at AIG have provided us with a substantial grant in addition to their volunteer support.  The grant will be used to support our food distribution and other programs.

In addition to financial support, AIG's employees have provided over 850 hours of service to the agency over the past three years.   In addition to serving dinner in the Hot Meals program, AIG volunteers help pack and distribute grocery packages to families in our Choice Pantry.   The grant is a result of the growing partnership between the Pantry and AIG, which is based in long-term volunteerism and on-site participation in multiple food drives.  "AIG's support for our food programs alongside their dedicated volunteerism comes at a crucial point where we continue to see new people needing our services," stated Stephen Grimaldi, Executive Director of NYCP.

Thanks to the funding from AIG, NYCP will continue to be able to provide healthy food and other services to increasing numbers of Pantry members and visitors.